CTD 2016 Annual Report Hit #9

CTD Top Ten Hits of 2016

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From our ongoing advocacy work and yearly events to the purchase of our new building, 2016 has been a huge year for CTD! Check out the highlights of our year in review. Formerly a guitar store, our sweet new digs inspired the music theme of this year's report.

9. Great stories and performances from Everyday People with Pen 2 Paper and the Lion & Pirate

6 images. 1 A woman reads from a book at a podium. 2 A woman in an orange shawl holds a piece of paper and looks off to the side. 3 A woman sitting in a wheelchair laughs at the camera, with a sign overhead reading Lion & Pirate VSA ft. Maria Palacios. 4 A brown cake with blue trim, multicolored balloons, and the words Lion & Pirate Rocks! in yellow frosting. 5 Two men sing together, one seated, the other standing and playing an acoustic guitar. 6 Close up and from a low angle, four smiling people crowd into a photo.

Counter-clockwise from upper left: SylviAnn Murray reads her poems at the Lion & Pirate open mic. Kaye Love reads her essay "Pity Fatigue" at the Lion & Pirate open mic. Featured author Maria Palacios at the March Lion & Pirate open mic. The Old Hats perform at the Lion & Pirate open mic. Thor Armbruster of A Common Thread radio show and intern Lady D interview CTD's Laura Perna and Susie Angel. Cake from the September Lion & Pirate open mic.


We've closed the books on the 7th year of our annual disability-focused writing contest, and once again, are pleased to share some truly remarkable work from around the world. This year's contest received 96 entries from 15 different countries, including our Grand Prize winner Just Breathe by Carrie Salberg. Work ranged from observations of precocious children with disabilities (Nothing I Cannot Do, A Father's Pride, Hanging Five Aboard the "Stella Irene") to glimpses into intense personal journeys (Scarring, Sea of Madness, Sea of Love, Framelight) to much more sinister scenarios (God's Scrubber, Alcatraz), and a lot more! Check out all our winning and finalist entries.

In addition, we co-hosted 11 The Lion & Pirate Unplugged open mics with VSA Texas at Malvern Books, making a space for poems, songs, stories, visual art, and performances that defy categorization from Austinites (and a few visitors) with and without disabilities. In March, we featured Houston-based poet, activist, and long time Pen 2 Paper supporter Maria Palacios, who shared poems from her collections Dressing Skeletons: A Poetic Tribute to Frida Kahlo and Poetic Confessions Volume I.