CTD 2016 Annual Report Hit #2

CTD Top Ten Hits of 2016

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From our ongoing advocacy work and yearly events to the purchase of our new building, 2016 has been a huge year for CTD! Check out the highlights of our year in review. Formerly a guitar store, our sweet new digs inspired the music theme of this year's report.

2. Under Pressure from CTD, therapy providers, advocates, & parents, State leadership begins to change its tune on cuts to Medicaid therapies for children.

3 Images. 1 With a sunny clearing trees and wildflowers behind her, a young girl in glasses and blue streaks in her hair sits crosslegged on a sidewalk, smiling at something off camera. 2 Shot from the back of a crowded room, a woman looks down and speaks into a microphone at a podium. 3 Three men in suits smile at the camera outside a door with a plaque that reads Ted Cruz.

Counter-clockwise from left: Brianna Dupuie, who family is at the forefront of efforts to restore cuts to Medicaid therapies. September press conference on Medicaid rate cuts. Tom Kowalski of the Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute, Kent Hance of We Work for Health Texas, and Dennis Borel visit Sen. Ted Cruz's offie in Washington DC (photo by We Work for Health Texas).


In 2016, several major new stories broke that revealed a bleak picture for children with disabilities in Texas, including devastating healthcare cuts. CTD took action on all fronts:

We are hopeful that the public's rapt attention will help parents and advocates successfully pressure key decision makers to restore funding for Medicaid therapies in early 2017. Notably, House Speaker Joe Straus has indicated his intention to do so.

Want to help CTD pave the way for better headlines in 2017? Join our Children's Issues Action group to support Texas kids this session!