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Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is a service delivery option that empowers people with disabilities to make personal decisions related to the delivery of personal assistance and respite services within their current home and community-based program. This alternative to traditional home care allows you control, freedom, and flexibility in how you receive you personal assistance services.

Watch: Texas Health and Human Services explains the Consumer Directed Services option in the video below.

CDS Division Notice (Sept. 14, 2020): Upcoming Changes for EVV

Things in the CDS world are changing. The 21st Century Cures Act 9 (Sec 12006(a) mandates that all states implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Please keep in mind, EVV is in addition to what you are currently doing. You will STILL prepare and send in weekly time sheets. There are no other changes!

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The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD) offers Consumer Directed Services in over 25 counties in Texas.

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As your Financial Management Services Agency (FMSA), CTD will act as your fiscal management agent. CTD will process your payroll and state and federal employment taxes, as well as assist you with setting an initial budget for services received through CDS. As the consumer, you will be responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training the attendants of your choice.

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