CTD 2016 Annual Report Hit #7

CTD Top Ten Hits of 2016

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From our ongoing advocacy work and yearly events to the purchase of our new building, 2016 has been a huge year for CTD! Check out the highlights of our year in review. Formerly a guitar store, our sweet new digs inspired the music theme of this year's report.

7. Reaching Higher Ground together: Conferences and Trainings

5 images. 1 Two men and a woman in business dress stand shoulder to shoulder smiling at the camera, with a crowded room in the background. 2 From a high angle, two women kneel down around a man sitting in a wheelchair, all smiling up at the camera. 3 Two men in suits sitting at a table shake hands, one looks to be in the middle of saying something. 4 Shot from the back of a meeting room with people sitting at round tables, a man holding a paper addresses the room. A slide reading CTD in red letters is projected behind him. 5 Group photo of six people in business dress, three women standing in back and two women and one man sitting in front.

Counter-clockwise from upper left: CTD's Dennis Borel with Blanca Laborde and Troy Carter at the September meeting of the Adult Day Care Association of Texas. CTD's Chase Bearden with recreational therapists Aleisha Virjan and Jody Royder at the Texas Recreation & Parks Society conference. House Speaker Joe Straus with CTD's Dennis Borel at the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee spring meeting. CTD's Dennis Borel presents at Texas Forward's Policy and Outreach Summit. CTD's Chase Bearden with (back row) Caren Zysk, Barbara Maxwell, Susan Myers, (front row) Verna Johns and Kathleen Ludlow after a training with Molina Healthcare service providers.


In addition to the Raise Your Voice! Roundtables, we pursued every opportunity to educate consumers, share with fellow advocates, and train professionals on a variety of topics.

We held a series of trainings on Effective Interactions with People with Disabilities and the Roll Out of STAR Kids for Driscoll Health System, and Molina Healthcare, reaching hundreds of service providers across the state.

Our advocacy team addressed disability issues with the Texas State Bar, Texas Forward membership, and Volar CIL Our Lives Conference. CTD's Chris Masey spoke at a number of events about the Texas ABLE Act, including the 12th Annual Changes and Trends Affecting Special Needs Trusts, a meeting of the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas, the SILC Annual Conference, and Texas Parent to Parent Annual Conference.

We also produced a brief video early on in the year to explain the cause-and-effects of potential federal level budget cuts to the public (below).

The list of meetings and conferences that we presented at this year includes: