CTD 2016 Annual Report Hit #1

CTD Top Ten Hits of 2016

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From our ongoing advocacy work and yearly events to the purchase of our new building, 2016 has been a huge year for CTD! Check out the highlights of our year in review. Formerly a guitar store, our sweet new digs inspired the music theme of this year's report.

1. Takin' Care of Business during the Interim

3 Images. 1 From a low angle, a man and a woman sit at a table covered in paper, looking seriously at something off camera. 2 Two women in professional dress and name tags smile at the camera. 3 Two men sitting at a table shake hands and turn toward the camera.

Counter-clockwise from upper left: ADAPT's Bob Kafka and Kristi Jordan of DADS at January Promoting Independence Advisory Council (PIAC) meeting. Cindy Zolnierek of the Texas Nurses Association and Sarah Dirks of Geriatric Dental Group at Texas Oral Health Policy Workshop in February. CTD's Dennis Borel and Gary Sullivan at November UnitedHealthCare national advisory board meeting.


This time of year, the impending Legislative session is on everyone's mind- including ours. But the work we've done over the past 18 months to prepare for session and advance our mission outside of the Capitol has led to some significant wins. Most notably, through key appointments and participation in leading workgroups, we've secured a seat at the table on multiple critical issues. That's why we're listing our interim advocacy work as our #1 achievement of 2016. A few areas where we represent Texans with disabilities:

We also serve on bodies working on accessible parking, consumer protections, guardianship, recreation, financial independence for people with disabilities, and much more. See Dennis, Chase, and Chris' staff pages for a full listing of appointments and workgroups.