CTD 2016 Annual Report Hit #4

CTD Top Ten Hits of 2016

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From our ongoing advocacy work and yearly events to the purchase of our new building, 2016 has been a huge year for CTD! Check out the highlights of our year in review. Formerly a guitar store, our sweet new digs inspired the music theme of this year's report.

4. Central Texans with disabilities & seniors Get by with a Little Help from CDS

4 images. 1 Against a grey paneled building, a man at a slight angle crosses his arms and smiles at the camera. 2 Against a grey paneled building, a woman in a print dress smiles broadly at the camera. 3. Three women stand in a line, all smiling broadly at the camera. 4 With framed family photos in the background, a woman holding a blue Happy Birthday balloon smiles at the camera.

Counter-clockwise from upper left: CTD CDS Division's Kit Cuny. CTD CDS Division's Karen Glover. CTD CDS Division's Rosie Williams. CTD CDS Division's Karen Glover and Erin Jones with Gaynell Smith at the Amerigroup Caregivers' Luncheon in November.


Our Consumer Directed Services Division (CDS) helps people who need attendant care to manage their own attendants and remain in their homes. A growing enterprise since we began in 2007, our client base has grown to over 300, who employ over 450 personal attendants. Plus, we added two new fantastic staffers to the CDS team, payroll specialist Karen Glover and claims administrator Kit Cuny.

We are proud to serve and support these Texans in their chosen communities and their wonderful attendants. For example, this summer, Karen nominated one of those attendants, Gaynell Smith, for Amerigroup's annual Caregiver of the year award. We'll let the nomination speak for itself:

Gaynell unexpectedly took over the care of her sister when her mother died in 2013. She had previously cared for the daughter of an acquaintance, without pay, and feels she was being prepared to later care for her sister, who has a severe seizure disorder and needs constant supervision and assistance. Gaynell is unfailing positive, patient, and encouraging to others. Though she gave up a full and active lifestyle to care for her sister, she says she is making lemonade out of the lemons by taking her sister out in the community as much as possible, and focusing on the growth and rewards that come from loving and caring for someone with special needs. (Gaynell also has the best voicemail greeting I have ever heard.)