Current Actions

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1. Protect Voting Rights in the Special Session

The Governor has called for a second special session of the Texas Legislature to start on August 8, 2021. At the top of Gov. Abbott's priorities is re-visiting SB 7 (Hughes) and passing an "election integrity" bill.

SB 7 would have had a chilling effect on the ability to register and vote for many Texan voters with disabilities. What lawmakers come up with this summer could be a marked improvement over SB 7, or it could be even worse. Before they reconvene on August 8, your State Senator and Representative need to hear from you!



Tips for calling or emailing a legislator

  1. Be sure to say in your communication if you are a constituent of a particular committee member (look up your reps).
  2. Real life stories are great! If you have a personal story related to an issue, briefly tell it. Examples: “My daughter has been on the waiting list for ____ years.”  “My family member has a hard time getting an attendant to work on Medicaid wages.”
  3. If applicable, tell your legislator what IS working, not just what you want to change. Tell them what you appreciate and want to keep about a program or law.
  4. Network with other advocates to stay informed and motivated.
  5. If you have them, use attention-getting statistics.

What happens when you email or call a legislator?

When you write an email, you may not get an answer. If you call and talk to a legislative office, the staffer may take your name and why you call. As a result, you may feel your voice was not heard. This is not the case. Staff tracks communications like the number of emails, phone calls, and letters on an issue. This will be shared with the legislator and can often influence her or him. Every legislative session, there are bills passed that were unexpected—and in many cases that was the result of emails and phone calls. In 2021, as in-person office visits are expected to be dramatically decreased, calls and emails will be critical communication channels to your elected representatives!