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Peer support services for people with IDD

HB 4702 (Campos) would help people with intellectual and/ or developmental disabilities (ID / DD or IDD) receive mentorship from trained peers who themselves have IDD. Next week will be the last opportunity for HB 4702 to advance in the legislative process, via a hearing in the Senate Health & Human Services committee. Their agenda for next week will be set May 11 or 12, so contact the committee clerk now.

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Keep Guardianship Protections in Place

HB 653 (Allison) has passed the House and is now in the Senate Committee on Jurisprudence. This bill that could strip protections from children with disabilities as they become legal adults at age 18, potentially placing a person under a permanent guardianship without due process. Currently, Texas has protections in place for these young people, but HB 653 would nullify most of these protections for kids who had been under the care of their parents. Learn more and contact Senate Jurisprudence to tell them to keep current guardianship protections in place.

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Fund Public Schools and Reject ESAs

CTD is opposed to vouchers or Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). Federal law provides rights and protections for students with disabilities in public schools, but they do not apply to private schools. Furthermore, private schools can set their own enrollment policies that would exclude certain students with disabilities, and can charge in excess of basic tuition for related services like therapies and basic accommodations in the classroom.

Tell the House Public Education committee that instead of ESAs, Texas should prioritize funding for public schools, where students with disabilities are guaranteed access to a Free Appropriate Public Education, and protected from discrimination.

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Raise Your Voice in 2023!

CTD’s interactive Raise Your Voice! (RYV!) events are designed to provide a functional understanding of our state’s legislative process while connecting emerging and seasoned advocates with each other. We'll prepare and support you to educate legislators about the real good and harm their decisions can mean to Texans with disabilities. In addition, these conversations give CTD insight into the needs and concerns of Texans with disabilities outside our usual circles, which informs our advocacy work.

The 88th Texas Legislature is in session! RYV Zoom calls will begin February 13 and take place at 2 pm CT every Monday, excluding holidays. On each call, our advocacy team will give a brief update on the major pieces of legislation we've been working on, then we'll hold breakout discussions to gather your input and concerns or prepare to take an action. There is no cost to participate. View recordings from 2022 RYV Zoom calls or sign up below for 2023!

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Join the A-Corps

CTD's Advocacy Corps (A-Corps) is a 4-part series of virtual trainings on the history of disability advocacy and the Texas Legislature. This program is designed to give participants a clear idea of how the Legislature functions, as preparation for self-advocacy. In addition, our staff will support participants with their own advocacy efforts. There is no cost to participate.

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