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RYV! 2021

The regular 87th Texas legislative session has adjourned, and we've made it through 3 special sessions. There's a lot to review! Join CTD for our last round of 2021 Raise Your Voice Advocate Connection Program calls. Upcoming dates:

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About CTD's grassroots advocacy work

Since our foundation in 1978, CTD organized an Annual Convention in a different part of the state, often partnering with local disability groups. When the Legislature met (odd numbered years), we stayed in Austin to take full advantage of advocacy opportunities. During interim years (even numbered), we traveled far and wide, to cities large and small, meeting and collaborating with our members. Wherever we landed, our Conventions were hubs of consumer education, advocacy training and preparation, and CEU opportunities for professionals. We usually managed to have some fun, too!

In 2016, we began shifting to a smaller, more targeted scale of activities to train and prepare individuals for advocacy during and outside of the Legislative session. Our Raise Your Voice! (RYV!) Roundtables are regional events held during the interim session. These conversations are designed to introduce participants to the Texas legislative process and allow CTD to interact directly with emerging advocates to identify and address issues facing local disability communities. In 2019, we brought RYV! to the legislature, piloting the RYV! Advocate Connection Program. This version of the program provided a functional understanding of our state's legislative process while connecting emerging and seasoned advocates, all while supporting real time advocacy work (office visits, testimony, etc.).

Within or outside of RYV!, we are proud to collaborate with our partners on a variety of other advocacy events to educate the public, prepare advocates for action, and engage our elected officials. Examples of such efforts include collaborating on or supporting rallies and advocacy days, conferences, film screenings, and forums. 

Sponsor a CTD or Raise Your Voice! Advocacy Event

If your business or organization has a stake in disability issues, consider sponsoring a Raise Your Voice! advocacy event. Often, we work closely with our sponsors on legislative activities or consumer services. We offer multiple levels of sponsorship, all with great benefits to you! Learn more.

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