$10 Campaign

Event date: 4/1/2015, 1:00pm | Location: Austin, TX

A grinning woman in sunglasses holds a purple sign that reads Direct Care Workers Matter

Community attendants are the key to making cost-effective community services successful for tens of thousands of individuals with disabilities and seniors in Texas, but our state is one of the worst in the country when it comes to supporting them.

In 2015, the lowest paid attendants make $7.86 per hour and receive no sick leave, no paid vacation, and no health insurance. This creates a shortage of attendants and makes it hard for individuals with disabilities and seniors to find the good and reliable help that they need. 

That's why CTD and our partners worked this session to mobilize community attendants for a base pay rate of $10 per hour: the $10 Campaign.

Learn more about attendant wages in Texas.

By the end of the session, legislators raised attendant wages by 14¢ per hour. This brings the floor doesn't come close to the $10 per hour figure we were fighting for. But $10 Campaign partners will maintain contact with our newly activated advocates and continue to push for a long overdue and meaningful increase.

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$10 Campaign Organizers

Learn more at bit.ly/10forAttendants!