RYV! Launch Agenda & Materials

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This session took place Aug. 12, 2020 2:00 - 3:00 pm CST


In this session, we presented CTD's current major policy priorities and asked participants to discuss their own, particularly, how the pandemic has affect their priorities. This recording does not include the breakout sessions. The first part of Dennis' comments is in gallery mode, it will switch to speaker view!

Run time: 25:16

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Participant feedback

Poll #1: Your policy priorities

from 42 total responding

Poll #2: How did this go?

from 35 total responding

Highlights and take-aways from breakout discussions

Prompt: How has the pandemic affected your policy priorities?

Resources & other things to share

Agenda & graphics

times are very approximate

1:50 Zoom Room opens for new Zoom users to check their tech, get oriented

2:00 Tech Intro: Some accessibility notes, review of features we'll be using (all participants enter room muted, with video off, please stay muted until we go into breakouts)

2:05 Welcome: Who is CTD, What is Raise Your Voice!

2:10 Our 2021 Policy Priorities

The following 3 graphics will be used during this section

Line graph: Community Attendant Wages in 2016 Dollars (adjusted to the consumer price index). In 1968, hourly wages were $11.11. With some fluctuation, they go down, hitting a low point around 2008 at $6.82 and slowly climb back up to $8.00 by 2016.

Community attendants: erosion of hourly wages since 1968

Blue sign advertising Buc-ee's Minimum Wages: Cashier or Gift Associate $14.00-$16.00. Food Service, Maintenance or Car Wash $15.00-$17.00. Team Leader $16.00-$19.00. Assistant $21.00 and up. 40+ Hour work weeks available, healthcare, and 401k. 3 weeks paid time off. Use it, cash, roll it.

Community attendants: other options for work

A group of 9 men and women gather in a legislative chamber for a photo. They are wearing business attire. One women sits in front of the group and behind a table in a power chair.

Adult dental care: Building on past success with a network of passionate self-advocates and professional advocates

2:20 Zoom Poll: Your Policy Priorities

2:25 Your Voice: guided conversations in breakout rooms (groups of 4-6): How has COVID impacted these issues for you or highlighted new challenges/ concerns?

2:50 Return to main room, mute yourself, and report highlight via chat

2:55 Zoom Poll: Your initial thoughts

3:00 Wrap up and next steps

Note that live tech support will be available before and during the session. Use chat to ask for help, and our Hogg Policy Fellow Jenn and volunteer Major will be there. If chat is not an option for you, they'll also be watching info@txdisabilities.org throughout the session.

Thank you...

to all who joined us, and shared your policy concerns, as well as guided us on how to do these sessions better next time. We hope to see you in an upcoming session! Also thanks to Jenn and Major for keeping things running as smoothly as possible, and to our sponsors!