Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival

the 17th Annual Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival & CTDFF: Online!

October 16 - 18, 2020

In light of the pandemic, Cinema Touching Disability, Texas' biggest cinematic celebration of disability, will take place online. While we had hoped to bring you an in person Festival, we don't believe we can do so safely. So online we go!

Our film line up for this year's Festival is completely different than our CTDFF: Online! short film showcase (which ran August through September), so please join us! Looking for CTDFF: Online! film listing & filmmaker Q&As? Check them out.

FRIDAY Oct. 16: Documentary Shorts

7:00 - 9:00 pm CST

Dir. Denise Schamens
In the spirit of creating "nothing about us without us," director Denise Schamens puts eight neurodivergent students at the center of this autism acceptance film, six of whom tell their own stories of living with autism.

Dir. Marrock Sedgewick
A film about autism acceptance told from the hands of nonspeaking autistic people.

Dir. Andrew Leibman
A young skateboarder overcomes his personal adversity to find pride in his identity.

Filmmaker Q&A
with Denise Schamens & Marrock Sedgwick

Documentary Awards

SATURDAY Oct. 17: Disability & the Civil War

7:00 - 9:00 pm CST

Dir. Julia Myers
A father must face his past when his daughter Sophie, a surgeon in the Union army, returns home with an unexpected companion: a soldier whose arm she amputated.

Dir. Day Al-Mohamed
Everyone thinks they know the story of the Civil War - Four years of America's bloodiest history. Over 600,000 men killed and more than 40,000 men with amputated limbs and even more with other injuries and illnesses. What no one ever asked is "What happened to those disabled men afterwards?" The story of the Invalid Corps offers a poignant perspective allowing us to reassess what we know, or rather what we think we know, about civil war history, disability, sacrifice, and honorable service.

Filmmaker Q&A
with Julia Myers

SUNDAY Oct. 18: Non-Documentary Shorts

7:00 - 8:30 pm CST

Dir. Cedric Hill
Sam gets on the subway to get home. He catches the eye of April. The two of them discover they have way more in common than where they’re heading. Sometimes you need a noisy place to have a quiet conversation.

Dir. Craig Mooneyham & Jacob Reynolds
With a precarious fate approaching, Danny, an autistic teenager, and his older brother David perform a familiar childhood ritual to lighten the gravity of their plight. As time runs out, however, the brothers must leave their childhood behind to confront family demons, challenge futile beliefs, and transcend communication barriers to find solace amidst their crumbling world.

Dir. Jim McMorrow
Based on a true story. Stephen, a young man with Down’s Syndrome, wishes to break free from his caring but over-protective mother and celebrate his 18th birthday in the way that he chooses.

Filmmaker Q&A
with Cedric Hill, Craig Mooneyham, & Jim McMorrow

Non-Documentary Awards

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