Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDS?
Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is a voucher payment option that empowers people with disabilities to make personal decisions related to the delivery of personal assistance and respite services within their current home and community-based program. This alternative to traditional home care allows you control, freedom, and flexibility in how you receive you personal assistance services.

Watch: Texas Health and Human Services explains the Consumer Directed Services option in the video below.

Who is eligible for CDS with Capitol Care?
Medicaid recipients enrolled in the STAR+PLUS and STAR Kids program.

How do I find people to hire?
Because YOU are the BOSS, you can ask friends, certain family members, or neighbors, or hire others by running an ad in your local paper. Ask people in your community, such as any groups you are in or even your church.

Does Capitol Care provide attendants or back up attendants?
No. As the employer, you are responsible for the planning of your attendant schedule

How and when will attendants get paid?
All attendants will be issued a paycheck via Direct Deposit every other Thursday. 

What do I do if I need more attendant hours?
If you need more attendant service hours contact your service coordinator for assistance.

If my attendant is unavailable will CTD send a backup?
No. CTD is not a home care agency. CTD only provides your fiscal management services. As the employer you are responsible for coordinating attendant schedules including backup care.

What do I do if any employee doesn't work out?
As the employer you are responsible for training, supervising, disciplining and dismissing your employees. CTD will provide you with performance management forms to document employee performance.

How do I hire another attendant?
To hire another attendant, just call 512 -236-1070 ext 307.  We will send you the new hire documents via email. It's that easy.

If my address or my attendant's address has changed, how do I notify CTD?
Please contact us (512) 236-1070 or email

Will DocuSign work with my phone or assistive technology?
DocuSign does have the ability to work with adaptive software and verbal communication.View a video on DocuSign eSignature: Accessible Signing Experience and read more on DocuSign eSignature Accessibility.