Pen 2 Paper: The Ones that Got Away March

Every year, Pen 2 Paper receives so many entries that we love, but that never make it to the finalist round. This year, we wanted to recognize some of those from 2017, so we present a monthly web feature: The Ones that Got Away. From January through October, P2P co-coordinators Susie and Laura will each post one of our favorite non-finalists from the 2017 contest. Enjoy!

All entries posted with permission, authors retain all rights.

March 28, 2018

Susie's Pick: Running Away from Home Julie Whitehead

Julie Whitehead tackles the topics of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicidal thoughts in her non-fiction story, Running Away from Home. A wife and mother who is overwhelmed by her everyday life, Whitehead has a manic episode and leaves home in the middle of the night. The love and complete understanding she receives from a friend she calls and her husband ultimately convinces her to come home and get help. I also like how patient the police were with her. I feel this story does a great job of showing how to treat people experiencing a manic episode or who have bipolar disorder.

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