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Dennis Borel looks back on 24 years advocating for Texans with disabilities
February 23, 2024. Texas Standard.

Opinion: With Abbott at the border, advocates brought signs of a different crisis to his doorstep
February 19, 2024. Austin American-Statesman.

TX school districts have to find millions of dollars to fund special education after federal ruling
January 11, 2024. ABC 13 Eyewitness News.


Disability rights advocates speak out against school vouchers
November 14, 2023. Fox 7 News.

How new ban on COVID-19 vaccine mandates impacts medically-vulnerable Texans
November 13, 2023. Texas Tribune.

This story also appeared on The Texas Standard (audio) and Truthout.

Barrier-Free Futures with Dennis Borel
October 28, 2023. KSFR Sante Fe.

Film festival offers further inclusion off campus for students with disabilities
October 22, 2023. The Daily Texas.

Special ed advocates are furious over Gov. Greg Abbott’s school voucher push after lawmakers failed to fix funding model
October 12, 2023. Houston Public Media.

This story also appeared on The Texas Standard.

Laws have changed around parking for disabled Texans over the years. Here’s how it looks today.
September 20, 2023. Texas Tribune.

This story also appeared on MyParisTexas.com.

The State of Disability in Texas: A Texas Standard Special
September 2, 2023. The Texas Standard.

At-Risk Texans Are Getting Half the Attendant Care They Need
July 20, 2023. D Magazine.

Gov. Greg Abbott vetoes bill that would give people with disabilities new option to vote by mail
June 21, 2023. Texas Tribune.
This story also appeared on KRGV.com and Dallas Weekly.

Texas Legislature passes bills to increase voting accessibility
June 20, 2023. The Daily Texan.

Grumet: Even with a 30% raise, Texas caregivers may qualify for food stamps
June 12, 2023. Austin American-Statesman.

Texas is set to improve in-person and mail-in voting for people with disabilities
June 9, 2023. Texas Tribune.
This story also appeared on KERA News, KETR, and Texas Public Radio.

Texas Medicaid Waiver investigation disability services waitlists
June 5, 2023. Austin American-Statesman.

Texas Medicaid Waiver investigation disability services waitlists
June 5, 2023. Austin American-Statesman.
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Disability rights advocates celebrate passage of ‘no kids in cuffs’ bill
June 6, 2023. Texas Public Radio.

A ray of hope: Texas Senate considers medical cannabis for chronic pain relief
May 23, 2023. Texas Tribune.

Attendants who help disabled, elderly Texans stay in homes could see pay boost 31%
May 18, 2023. Dallas Morning News.
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Grumet: Protests are part of history. What story will textbooks tell?
May 3, 2023. Austin American-Statesman

For Wheelchair Users, Finding Attendants has Gone from Crisis to Catastrophe
May 1, 2023. New Mobility Magazine.

On 4/20, remember: expanding Texas medical marijuana law can save lives (Editorial)
April 20, 2023. Houston Chronicle. Paid subscription required.

Texas Senate passes budget stressing tax cuts, mental health, employee pay raises
April 17, 2023. Dallas Morning News.
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Expanded access to medical marijuana gains traction as Texas House passes bill
April 11, 2023. Texas Tribune.
This story also appeared on KVUE Austin, ABC 13 Houston, and KUT 90.5 Austin.

Austin district vows collaboration through state's special education involvement
April 6, 2023. Austin American-Statesman.

Elderly, disabled Texans wanting to stay in their homes threatened by low home care pay
April 3, 2023. Dallas Morning News.
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This story also appeared in the Bryan College Station Eagle.

Marijuana for chronic pain? Texas considers expanding medical use program
March 14, 2023. Ft. Worth Star Telegram.
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How delta-8 is changing the landscape on legalizing weed in Texas
March 10, 2023. Houston Chronicle.
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Tens of thousands of disabled Texans await services for years
March 8, 2023. KVUE.

Battling Texas’ Community Care Crisis
March 7, 2023. D Magazine.

Protecting voter access requires legislative action
March 1, 2023. Texas Tribune.

Handcuffed and restrained in hallways
February 24, 2023. CBS News 11.

‘No accountability’: Kids in special education are routinely restrained. Texas lawmakers could change that
February 16, 2023. Houston Public Media.

Disability rights groups call for end to restraint of special education students
February 9, 2023. Austin American-Statesman.

Advocates and state lawmakers call for an end harmful restraining of children
February 6, 2023. Texas Public Radio: The Source.

Disability rights advocates call on Texas Legislature to better protect students from restraints
February 3, 2023. Texas Public Radio.

Restraining students should be limited in Texas schools to prevent abuse, advocates urge
January 30, 2023. Dallas Morning News.

Parents, advocates push to limit use of restraints on students with disabilities
January 30, 2023. Athens Daily Review.

This restraint technique left a Fort Worth student dead. Some lawmakers want to outlaw it
January 30, 2023. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

How our Statesman investigation led lawmakers to take action on care for the disabled
January 12, 2023. Austin American-Statesman.


Caregivers for Texas' most vulnerable see poverty wages, injuries
December 15, 2022. Austin American-Statesman.
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Debate Brews over Using Public Money for Private School Special Education
December 6, 2022. Austin American-Statesman.

Op Ed: Texans with Disabilities have options for care, including Medicaid
November 11, 2022. Corpus Christi Caller Times.

'The worst compensated job in Texas' | Texas is facing a worsening home caregiver shortage
October 28, 2022. KVUE.

Texas juvenile detention center inmates experience ‘appalling’ living conditions, advocates say
August 4, 2022. Nexstar.

Town hall highlights inequalities facing Texans with disabilities
July 14, 2022. ABC13.

Op Ed: Finding Balance in Medicare Prescription Drug Pricing
June 22, 2022. Rio Grande Guardian.

Almost 100 Texas school districts have added their own police departments since 2017, but not everyone feels safer
June 15, 2022. Texas Tribune.

Op Ed: How PBMs are hurting Texans with disabilities
June 10, 2022. Gilmer Mirror.

Advocacy for Texans with disabilities requires a collaborative spirit
June 1, 2022. UnitedHealthCare press release

Better Medicare Alliance Endorses Bipartisan Legislation to Modernize Prior Authorization for Seniors
May 26, 2022. Better Medicare Alliance Press Release.

Texas got millions to boost pay for strapped health care attendants. It left out the largest group.
April 21, 2022. Houston Chronicle.

Adults with disabilities can be paid $3.30 an hour or less. Why pressure is building to end the practice.
April 3, 2022. The San Antonio Report.

Don't expect traffic problems around Circuit of the Americas to be fixed anytime soon
April 1, 2022. KUT 90.5.

Providers caring for people with disabilities struggle to hire workers post COVID surges
March 28, 2022. Houston Chronicle.

North Texas parents decry 'excessive' restraints used on kids with disabilities in schools
March 28, 2022. Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

'Broken system' sends North Texas students with disabilities from classroom to courtroom
March 24, 2022. Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

US appeals court backs Texas in 3 lawsuits challenging voting laws
March 16, 2022. Austin American-Statesman.

New restrictions causing roadblocks for voters with disabilities
March 5, 2022. ABC News.

Lessons Learned In Medicare Advantage: The Power And Potential Of Special Needs Plans (with the Better Medicare Alliance)
February 28, 2022. Health Affairs.

Is Texas law making it more difficult or anxiety-provoking for people with disabilities to vote?
February 22, 2022. Texas Public Radio.

Texans with disabilities fear new restrictions on voting help could mean criminal charges at the polls
February 16, 2022. Texas Tribune.

It’s not too late to prepare for Texas’ primary elections
February 7, 2022. Texas Tribune.

Letters to the editor: Lawmakers set 'poverty wages' for critical in-home care workers
January 22, 2022 Austin American-Statesman.


Hays County orgs awarded grants from St. David’s Foundation’s latest funding
December 22, 2021. Corridor News.

St. David's Foundation gives $51 million in grants with focus on older adults
December 21, 2021. Austin American-Statesman.

WFAA Investigates failures of Texas system to protect disabled
November 4, 2021. WFAA.

Letters to the editor: More needs to be done to help caregivers
October 30, 2021. Austin American-Statesman.

Spears case spotlights state efforts to rein in conservators
October 1, 2021. Spectrum News.

Interview: William Greer, director, Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival, Lost Reel Short Film Showcase 2021
September 9, 2021. Light Camera Austin, KOOP Radio.

Controversial Texas Voting Laws Overshadowed By Quorum Break Set To Take Effect Next Week
August 27, 2021. Houston Public Media.

Let’s work together to make voting accessible, secure for all
August 23, 2021. Texas Tribune paid post.

Texans with disabilities fear voting bill will add more barriers to the ballot box
August 14, 2021. Corpus Christi Caller Times.

Texas GOP hits new roadblocks in push for voting restrictions
August 13, 2021. Washington Post.

Texas Senate Outlasts 15-Hour Filibuster By Sen. Carol Alvarado To Pass GOP Voting Restrictions Bill
August 11, 2021. Texas Tribune.

This story also appeared on KUT News.

GOP-backed elections bill gets initial approval in Texas Senate as Democrats still fight to kill it
August 9, 2021. KXAN.

Looking back at more than 30 years of the American Disabilities Act
July 26, 2021. Fox 7 Austin.

Texans testifying on GOP voting bill faced a 17 hour-wait to be heard by lawmakers in the dead of night
July 11, 2021. Texas Tribune.

Texans with disabilities fear voting will get harder for them as special session on GOP restrictions nears
July 5, 2021. Texas Tribune.
Versions of this story also appeared on July 5 on KRIS News 6 Corpis Christie, ABC 13 Houston, and KHOU 11

Some Texas students with disabilities thrived on remote learning, but have few options this fall
June 29, 2021. Texas Tribune.

Versions of this story also appeared on June 29 on KRIS News 6 Corpus Christie and July 5 in San Antonio Express-News.

Despite Lawmaker Fears Of A Revenue Shortfall, Texas’ $250 Billion Budget Avoided Major Cuts
June 16, 2021. Houston Public Media.

A version of this story also appeared on June 17 in the Texas Standard.

Mentally Ill and Sentenced to Death
June 16, 2021. Texas Observer.

Travis County leaders shelve plan for women's jail amid public opposition, calls for more services
June 15, 2021. Austin American-Statesman.

G.O.P. Bills Rattle Disabled Voters: ‘We Don’t Have a Voice Anymore’
June 14, 2021. New York Times.

Letters to the editor: Want fair voting? Listen to these communities.
June 6, 2021. Austin American-Statesman.

Raises for state employees in new budget? Only for select law enforcement and correctional officers
June 3, 2021. Dallas Morning News.

Amid a pandemic with unequal impact, a proposal for a new Office of Health Equity died in the Texas Senate
May 28, 2021. Texas Tribune.

A version of this story also appeared on May 28 in the Weatherford Democrat.

There is no "election integrity: without accessibility
May 20, 2021. Texas Tribune.

Texans cannot tolerate resurgence of voter suppression
May 10, 2021. The Battalion, Texas A&M.

Texas House Passes Bill To Expand Medical Marijuana Access
April 28, 2021. CBS DFW.

"Election Integrity" or Voter Intimidation?
April 19, 2021. Texas Observer.

Medical cannabis advocates push for more access in Texas
April 16, 2021. Spectrum News.

Medical Marijuana Access For Veterans And Others Suffering From PTSD Advances Out of Committee
April 13, 2021. Reform Austin News.

Texas elections bill approved by House committee, stoking concerns from disability advocates
April 8, 2021. KXAN.

Texas House committee passes bill to expand medical marijuana program
April 7, 2021. Dallas Morning News.

Texas House considers another expansion of state’s medical marijuana program
April 7, 2021. KGBT-TV.

Borel: Cuts to Medicare could affect access to health care for people with disabilities
April 1, 2021. San Antonio Report
A version of this op ed also appeared on April 1 in the Austin Business Journal and print editions of Princeton Herald, The Post (Texas City), Wylie News, Farmersville Times, Waller County Express, Sachse News, and Murphy Monitor.

Borel: Support People with Disabilities by Supporting Medicare Advantage
March 23, 2021. Rio Grande Guardian.


For nearly 3 million disabled Texans, voting this year is even harder
October 30, 2020. Texas Tribune. Voting.

Letter to the Editor: Reinstate protections for disabled, LGBTQ clients
October 25, 2020. Austin American-Statesman.

Lawmakers, advocates decry social worker code of ethics change at press conference
October 23, 2020. Dallas Voice.

Texas draws fire for striking protections for LGBTQ and disabled people from social work code of conduct
October 17, 2020. Dallas Morning News.

Texas Dems Declare ‘Big War’ on Gov Over Mail-In Vote Restriction
October 1, 2020. The Daily Best. Voting.

Trump executive order undermines vaccine innovation
September 28, 2020. Galveston County Daily News.

Legislature sidelined as three Texas GOP leaders steer $1B in budget cuts
August 27, 2020. San Antonio Express-News. ECI.

City hiring more volunteers to help enforce accessible parking violations
August 19, 2020. KXAN. Accessible Parking.

Blind voters, disability rights groups sue Texas over inaccessible mail-in ballot system
July 27, 2020. Ft. Worth Star Telegram. Voting.

Disabilities advocates: Texas mail ballot system disenfranchises people with disabilities
July 24, 2020. Dallas Morning News. Voting.

Letter to the Editor: Don't Target Vulnerable Texans with Budget Cuts
July 14, 2020. Austin American-Statesman. State Budget.

Borel & Langer: A policy decision haunting Texas during coronavirus pandemic
March 28, 2020. Rio Grande Guardian. Community Attendants
This op ed also appeared in the Gilmer Mirror, March 27 and the Corpus Christi Caller Times, March 31.

They make $10.50 an hour to care for the Texans most susceptible to infection
March 23, 2020. Houston Chronicle. Community Attendants.

This article also appeared in the San Antonio Express-News, April 6.

San Antonio woman’s CBD use leads to firing, lawsuit
March 8, 2020. San Antonio Express-News.

Letter to the Editor: Potential Disaster Would Compound Yet Another
February 28, 2020. Austin American-Statesman. Medicaid, coronavirus.
Dennis' LtE also appeared in the Dallas Morning News, March 1

Guest Column: Dennis Borel: Keeping disabled citizens in mind in 2020
February 22, 2020. Waco Tribune-Herald. Medicare.

A version of Dennis' column also appeared in Texas Insider February 25.

Op-Ed, Chase Bearden: What is the value of a life? Can you put a price tag on one?
January 24, 2020. El Paso Times.


Transportation department to address new scooter plans, concerns of disabilities committee
December 13, 2019. KXAN. Shared Micro-Mobility.

As Texas leads charge against Obamacare, state leaders work on backup plans
June 28, 2019. San Antonio Express-News.

Medical cannabis access expanding in Texas
June 17, 2019. Fox 7 Austin. Medical Cannabis.

Texans with Disabilities are Struggling to Find Health Care Attendants. Lawmakers Didn’t Do Much to Help.
May 28, 2019. Texas Observer. Community Attendants.

Everyone wants a piece of the Texas budget. It's hard to succeed when most of the money is accounted for.
March 26, 2019. Texas Tribune. Community Attendants.

Texas lawmakers should act to protect stable patients like me
March 19, 2019. TribTalk. Consumer Protections.

Walmart is getting rid of greeters. Here’s why the disabled community is outraged
February 27, 2019. Star Telegram. Employment.

Rockwall Resident Advocates At Texas Capitol For Expansion of Compassionate Use of Marijuana
February 18, 2019. Front Porch News. Medical Cannabis.

Thousands of Texans can't access front door of State Capitol
January 16, 2019. News 4 San Antonio.

Letter to the Editor: Legislature must act on wage crisis
January 5, 2019. Austin American-Statesman. Community Attendants.


Disability community reflects on H.W. Bush signing the ADA
December 3, 2018. KXAN.

Trial wraps up in lawsuit against the state by developmentally disabled Texans
November 15, 2018. San Antonio Express.

Seeing in the Dark: The rise of D Lit in publishing
November 15, 2018. Bay Area Reporter. Pen 2 Paper.

No More Cartoon Villains: Dismantling stereotypes with the Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival
October 18, 2018. Austin Chronicle. CTD Film Festival.

Trial starts accusing state of disabled-service violations
October 16, 2018. San Antonio Express.

Interview with Cinema Touching Disability
October 4, 2018. Lights Camera Austin on KOOP Radio. CTD Film Festival.

Parking, recklessness among scooter concerns for city’s disability committee
September 21, 2018. Austin Monitor.

The real reason Texans are grappling with high drug costs
August 12, 2018. San Antonio Express. Access to Medicines.

Electronic Visit Verification: a Threat to Independence for Disabled People
July 13, 2018. Rooted in Rights Blog. EVV.

Opinion: Texas Legislature cries foul over Medicaid tragedies but fails to admit its own role
June 12, 2018. Dallas Morning News. Medicaid Managed Care.

The promise of new rides for Texans with disabilities
May 17, 2018. TribTalk. Accessible Transportation

Expansion Of Texas Medical Marijuana Laws Gaining Traction Among Lawmakers
April 19, 2018. Texas Public Radio. Medical Marijuana.

State Advisory Council To Explore Expansion Of Texas Medical Marijuana Law
April 3, 2018. Texas Public Radio. Medical Marijuana.

StoryCorps: Paralyzed Adventurer On Crazy Ideas, Mount Everest And Living On The Edge
March 12, 2018. KUT.

State acts to ensure disabled Texans are able to vote
February 23, 2018. San Antonio Express News. Voting.

After lawsuit threat, Texas agency changes voter registration policy
February 22, 2018. Austin American-Statesman. Voting.

After being threatened with lawsuit, Texas agency will help disabled people register to vote
February 22, 2018. Dallas Morning News. Voting.

Disability rights group threatens to sue Texas over voter registration
February 15, 2015. Houston Chronicle. Voting.

Disabled Job-Seekers No Longer Receive Voter Registration Assistance, Rights Group Says
February 13, 2018. Texas Standard. Voting.

Disability group threatens to sue Texas over voter registration policy
February 12, 2018. Austin American-Statesman. Voting.

Federal investigation confirms thousands of Texas students were denied special education services
January 11, 2018. Fox 7. Special Education.


Fire victims wait for Houston to act on regulating lodging facilities
December 28, 2017. Houston Chronicle. Board Homes.

Texas education agency faces mounting questions over canceled special education contract
December 20, 2017. Texas Tribune. Special Education.

After $269M in reforms, a glint of hope at Texas homes for disabled
November 16, 2017. Austin American-Statesman. SSLCs.

Opinion: How bureaucrats are limiting Texas’ access to health care
November 5, 2017. Austin American-Statesman. Medicare.

UTA students with disabilities story is told through exhibit
October 16, 2017. The Daily Texan.

Interview with William Greer, Film Festival Director, Cinema Touching Disability 
October 5, 2017. KOOP, Lights Camera Austin. CTD Film Festival.

Lawsuit challenging Texas' futile care law goes before judge Friday
September 21, 2017. Houston Chronicle.

State Plans to Restore Services after Advocates in Wheelchairs Surprise Officials
September 21, 2017. Texas Observer. Community Attendants.

Disabled Texans say bathroom bill could further complicate their lives
July 28, 2017. Texas Tribune.

Texans With Disabilities Physically Barred From Policymakers
July 27, 2017. Austin Chronicle.

Old, sick and scrambling to find a new home: ‘We are all nervous wrecks’
July 21, 2017. Ft. Worth Star Telegram. Medicaid.

With GOP healthcare bill in limbo, some Texans urge Senators to vote “no”
June 28, 2017. KXAN. Medicaid.

Fears, frustrations in Texas over GOP health care bill
June 24, 2017. Spectrum News. Medicaid.

Local concerns persist over looming GOP health care bill
June 6, 2017. KXAN. Medicaid.

Texas may expand ballot access for elderly and voters with disabilities
June 2, 12017. Texas Tribune. Voting.

Lawmakers pass budget that offers clenched fist, aiding few at-risk Texans other than abused kids
May 27, 2017. Dallas Morning News. State Budget.

The promise of new rides for Texans with disabilities
May 17, 2017. TribTalk. Accessible Transportation.

Texans with disabilities worry about repeal and replace Medicaid cuts
May 5, 2017. KXAN.

Dangerous dwellings
May 5, 2017. Houston Chronicle. Board Homes.

Abuse of disabled parking placards sparks bill to improve enforcement
April 19, 2017. CBS News. Accessible Parking.

Insurance-driven “fail first” policy hurts patients, undermines doctors
March 17, 2017. Trib Talk.

Can Texas Public Schools Give Special Education Students The Help They Need?
March 15, 2017. The Source, Texas Public Radio. Special Education.

Senate panel considers bills that would draw Uber and Lyft back to Austin
March 14, 2017. Texas Tribune. Ride Sharing.

TEA to put end to enrollment 'cap' for special needs kids
March 6, 2017. KVUE. Special Education.

Disability community’s top priorities impact all Texans
February 26, 2017. Trib Talk.

Abbott freezes state hiring, begins jockeying with Texas lawmakers over budget
January 31, 2017. Dallas Morning News. Community Attendants.

Demand Letter Sent To TEA To Eliminate Special Education Cap
January 31, 2017. CBS DFW. Special Education.

Advocates, Attorneys Press Texas Education Agency For Special Ed Reform
January 30, 2017. Houston Public Media. Special Education.

Disability advocates threaten to sue Texas over special education cap
January 30, 2017. Houston Chronicle. Special Education.

There's a huge imbalance in how Texas provides for its old people
January 27, 2017. Houston Chronicle. Community Attendants.

Austin Ride-sharing Companies Required to Accommodate Disabled Community
January 25, 2017. Spectrum News. TNCs.

Legally blind runner finishes his 15th marathon with a PR by 'adjusting to the challenges'
January 9, 2017. Sports Day, Dallas Morning News.


Texas Speaker Backtracks on Cutting Therapy Funds
November 30, 2016. El Paso Proud.

Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival Kicks Off Today
November 4, 2016. KUT News. CTD Film Festival.

Interview with Film Festival Director William Greer
October 20, 2016. Lights Camera Austin! CTD Film Festival.

Patient Access for a Healthy Texas Coalition Announced
October 5, 2016. Digital Journal.

Disability advocates call on community for change
September 30, 2016. The Shorthorn.

Parents Urge Lawmakers Not To Increase Medicaid Costs For Children With Disabilities
September 15, 2016. Texas Public Radio.

Importance of keeping Austin ADA compliant
September 14, 2016. KVUE.

Local Disability Awareness Groups Warn of Attorney's 'Questionable' Lawsuits
September 12, 2016. KVUE.

Disability Advocacy Groups Weigh in on Hundreds of ADA Lawsuits
September 9, 2016. KXAN.

Harris County Sued over Disabled Voting Access
August 4, 2016. Texas Tribune. Voting.

Lead in Water Not Only Issue at State Supported Living Centers
July 29, 2016. Texas Standard. SSLCs.

Accessible Austin (video)
July 18, 2016. KLRU.

First 529A savings accounts for disabled opening this month
June 24, 2016. Ft. Worth Star Telegram. Texas ABLE.

Op Ed: Efforts to Protect Drug Research Important 
May 30, 2016. MySanAntonio.com. Access to medications.

Flint-level Lead in Water at Texas State Living Centers
May 17, 2016. Texas Standard. SSLCs.

Disabled Texans in three state homes