Event date: 4/24/2014, 5:18pm | Location: Austin, TX

Rights Worth Fighting For! ADAPT FunRun for disability rightsFor years, CTD staff has participated in ADAPT of Texas' annual FUN*RUN for disability rights. During this annual event, participants have one hour to run, walk, roll, or even skate around a 1/4 mile track. Sponsors pledge a dollar amount to each runner for each lap they complete or a flat sum. All proceeds support ADAPT of Texas and CTD.

This year, 4 CTD staff members will be vying to out pace each other! Who will raise the most money for CTD and ADAPT? Check out our contenders!

With exaggerated pained expressions, four people in matching running shirts roll or mock-run in a single direction.

(from left) Chase, Dennis, William, and Jennifer struggle in their preparations for the Fun*Run.

To sponsor any of CTD's runners, click on their picture below.

A man in a baseball cap and sunglasses gazes past the camera. He wears about 15 racing medals around his neck. A man in a Lightning Laces running shirt rests his elbow on a rail behind him.

William Greer
Film Festival Director

"Sponsor me because... well just look at all those medals!"

Dennis Borel
Executive Director

"Sponsor me, I've always got my eye on the prize, at the Capitol and on the track!"

A woman in a Lightning Laces running shirt smiles at the camera. Viewed in profile, a man races by in a wheelchair, blurred and leaving a trail of flames.

Jennifer Rossi
CDS Payroll Specialist

"I'm new here. Welcome me to the CTD team with a nice sponsorship!"

Chase Bearden
Director of Advocacy

"The flames are for show. Sponsor me with a per-lap pledge amount and you'll save money!"


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