CTD has built a reputation as one of the foremost advocates in the state for public policy that protects and benefits Texans with disabilities. Whether the Legislature is in session or we're in an interim year, be assured that CTD is working for you at the Capitol!

The 86th Texas Legislature convened Tuesday, January 8, 2019 and runs through Monday, May 27. 

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Top Priorities

Attendant Wages

Recruitment and retention of this crucial workforce is at high risk due to an extremely low base wage, no benefits, increasing demand, and alternative employers paying much higher wages. We recommend an increase in the base wage to $13.00 in 2019.

Access to Medical Cannabis

We support the expansion of the Texas Compassionate Use Program to cover more Texans. Current policy on medical cannabis and qualifying conditions allows access to safe and legal cannabis to less than 1% of Texans, when many more, include some disabilities, could benefit.

Access to Oral and Dental Care

More than 250,000 adult Texans in Medicaid receive little to no dental services. When these individuals have dental pain, their only option is the emergency room. A dental benefit would not only improve their oral and overall health outcomes, but also make better use of public funds.

Special Education Reform

Texas' public school finance could be facing some radical changes in 2019. The Texas Legislature must NOT leave special education students behind in this overhaul by neglecting to make changes to special education programs, too.

School Mental Health Services

Youth with intellectual developmental disabilities are 3 times more likely to experience trauma and abuse than their peers. The Legislature should strengthen school-based mental health supports and practices to foster a safe school climate and ensure that school safety policies do not target students with disabilities and/or mental health issues.

State Budget & Appropriations

Other priorities

Accessible Parking

Guardianship Reform

A guardianship compliance program at the Office of Court Administration will indicate important information about cases of neglect or abuse of seniors and people with disabilities under guardianships.